Modulflex system – ceiling partition system

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M - Modulflex system

modulflex system

ceiling and floor partition system

Standard tube

Thanks to specific joints, the load bearing structure – made with tubes without rail guide…

Rail system

The Modulflex rail system, in addition to having the same features as the standard partition…


Modulflex partition system has various useful accessories. The main structure can be…

Standalone screen

The standalone screen is designed to ensure privacy and safety in healthcare…

Rail screen

Modulflex, thanks to the functional ceiling mount system, allows you to create…

Modulflex system - ceiling and floor partition system

privacy and safety

Modulflex is the modular partition system made of rods and joints in anodised aluminium, fastened to ceiling or floor which, used with curtains, define dynamic and adaptable spaces for any specific need, guaranteeing patient privacy and the freedom of movement of staff.

It is fixed to ceiling or floor by means of the application of painted steel plates fitted with a specific compartment to house the structural tubes.

The aluminium tubes are available in the standard version or with rail guide for tidier curtain sliding.

The curtains are hooked by PVC rings used for the standard tubes, and with direct hooking systems for rail guide tubes which, for safety reasons, collapse when the load is excessive, so as to assure structure stability.

The Modulflex system consists of:

  • anodised aluminium tube with and without rail guide
  • curtain in fireproof fabric (class 1), water-repellent, stain-proof, machine washable at 60° and available in a wide range of colours
  • rings available with hooks or for direct hooking

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